Legal Services for Your Litigation Needs

The attorneys of Monaco Cooper Lamme & Carr, PLLC are well-respected litigators and trial attorneys. We are honored that our clients – from individuals and small businesses, to Fortune 500 companies and corporations, to self-insureds and national and international insurance companies – choose us as counsel in a wide range of litigation and appellate claims across industries and sectors. 

Whether we are pressing a business case or litigating a class action claim, we are confident in our team’s ability to provide comprehensive litigation services to all of our clients, and our clients feel comfortable turning to us in any situation – big or small, personal or business. 

New York Litigation Attorneys  

At Monaco Cooper Lamme & Carr, we recognize that litigation claims often involve a great deal more than financial gain or loss. Your hard-earned reputation, business, and livelihood are at risk. Our clients trust us to stand by their side and deliver aggressive, effective representation. Our preeminent litigation team of attorneys has delivered results for decades, offering experience, industry knowledge, and proven results from both sides of the table.   

We work closely with our clients to provide strategic and thoughtful representation through discovery and depositions, motion and appellate practice, and trial practice, as well as using practical settlement negotiations, mediation, and arbitration to serve our clients’ best interests.

New York Appellate Attorneys  

When appealing your case or facets of your case, you need a first-class appellate attorney. Our attorneys possess a mastery of the complex rules of appellate procedure, the analytical skills to examine appellate issues, and the exceptional writing and oral advocacy skills that will effectively present your appellate argument. Our attorneys have exceptional reputations for delivering success in appellate matters both for our clients and through routine referrals of from outside counsel who trust us with their client’s appellate issues.

Our comprehensive appellate services include:

  • Proactive and strategic attention to appellate issues throughout the litigation process
  • Analysis of lower court precedents to access viability of appellate success
  • Analysis of appellate costs and expenses
  • Pre-trial motion practice
  • Preserving the trial record for potential appellate issues
  • Post-trial motion practice
  • Settlement negotiation during the course of appeal
  • Preparation of appellate briefs and records
  • Oral argument
  • Recovery of Bill of Costs

Whether your appeal involves complex legal or procedural issues, or perhaps both, the attorneys at Monaco Cooper Lamme & Carr, PLLC have the means and proficiency to help you succeed.

Litigation and Appellate Practices

Our litigation and appellate practices include:

  • Administrative & Article 78
  • Business, Commercial & Corporate
  • Class Actions
  • Construction
  • Employment & Labor
  • Environmental & Toxic Tort
  • Hospitality, Food, Beverage & Retail
  • Land Use & Zoning
  • Insurance Defense
  • Manufacturing
  • Municipal & Government
  • Personal Injury
  • Product Liability
  • Professional Liability
  • Real Estate, Real Property & Tax Certiorari
  • Trucking & Transportation
  • Wills, Trusts & Estates

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