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Technological advancement has rapidly evolved, and the modern business landscape looks much different than it did just 20 years ago. The most recognizable evidence of this is the exploding Gig economy. The Gig economy provides people with easy access to income from flexible jobs while working their own schedule at their own pace.

With app-based service models growing every day, the Albany NY Gig economy attorneys at Monaco Cooper Lamme & Carr, PLLC understand the potential legal risks and unique nuances the Gig business structure delivers. We assist app-based companies in matters related to litigation and threatened litigation involving transportation, ride-share, and general liability, labor and employment law matters, and complex business litigation, as well as risk mitigation for litigation prevention.

What is the Gig Economy?

In simple terms, the Gig economy is the portion of the labor market that relies on independent contractors and freelancers, rather than part-time and full-time employees, to fill temporary and part-time job positions. Gig economy workers are independent contractors, meaning they are not employees.

Today, near 40% of U.S. workers look to the Gig economy as either as their primary or secondary jobs. Likewise, employers are turning to the Gig economy workforce to grow or build their business.

But the Gig economy business model, with its use of non-employee independent contractors to conduct business, is frequently scrutinized with lawsuits and government investigations. When you are under these attacks, you need an experienced and cutting-edge law firm like Monaco Cooper Lamme & Carr, PLLC to manage your workplace law and litigation needs. We are here to position your organization for the onboarding and management of Gig economy workers, and to defend you when the legality of your business model is called into question.

We Help Your Gig Economy Business Grow
and Are Ready to Defend Critical Attacks

The Gig economy unites tech platforms with service providers and customers. It is a marriage made in heaven. However, with unity, there are abundant challenges — from government entities, unions, and plaintiff’s attorneys. Our experienced Gig economy lawyers partner with you to ensure compliance and safeguard your business model from legal attack. And if an attack occurs? Our experienced Gig economy attorneys will defend you and provide strategic and thoughtful representation through discovery and depositions; motion, trial, and appellate practice; as well as using practical settlement negotiations, mediation, and arbitration to serve our clients’ best interests.

Legal Services Provided to Gig Economy Companies

  • Assist with corporate matters that confront Gig economy businesses
  • “Bet-the-Company” litigation/Misclassification litigation
  • Counseling, including compliance audits and advice regarding exposure, to establish a compliant labor force
  • General Counsel services to Gig economy companies
  • Government audits and investigations
  • Litigation defense in State and Federal court, including Class Actions
  • Local counsel in State and Federal court, to national and international law firms
  • Risk mitigation and litigation prevention

MCLC is a Member of ALFA International’s Gig Economy Practice Group

Monaco Cooper Lamme & Carr, PLLC is the Albany NY member of ALFA International, the premier global legal network with more than 140 independent law firm members worldwide. MCLC is a practicing member of ALFAI’s Gig Economy Practice Group.

With the collective of ALFAI’s Gig Economy attorneys by your side, you gain access not only to the attorneys of MCLC, but to a global network of battle-tested litigators experienced in an array of litigation claims. From the intricate landscape of transportation and rideshare claims to the complexities of commercial general liability and business litigation, we are prepared to defend and protect your tech-driven business model when challenged in civil court, and we have a global network of attorneys and experts at our side.