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Why do I need a Will?

If we learned anything over the past few years, there are no certainties in life, and we should make the best plan to protect the people we love. 

A will can do this for you whether you are young, old, single, married, with or without children, own property or a business – a will is always important.

  • It’s important because it allows you to identify the most important things in your life – your family, your children, your assets from a lifetime of hard work – and then lets you to choose a person you trust to oversee your affairs after you’re gone.
  • It’s important because it allows you to continue to have a voice after you’ve passed.

If you die without a will, there are consequences.

  • Who will raise your children? Do you want someone else deciding that for you? Or worse, the court deciding for you?
  • Who will inherit your money and property? Your assets will be distributed according to state law. Do you want the state to decide that for you?

Do you really want strangers deciding what’s in your family’s best interests?


So, do yourself and your loved ones a favor and execute a Will.  

Safeguard your wishes and be sure your family and assets are cared for according to YOUR plan.   

If you’d like to discuss if a Will is best for you, give us a call.

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