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What is Title IX retaliation?

When a student or employee of a college or university reports a Title IX violation, the institution and others do not have the right to retaliate against that student or employee.

Examples of student Title IX retaliation:

  • Harassment on campus or in the classroom
  • Lowering or changing of your grades
  • Reduced or terminated athletic playing time
  • Suspension or removal from school activities
  • Suspension or expulsion from school

Examples of employee Title IX retaliation:

  • Change in your pay or benefits
  • Harassment from co-workers and/or supervisors
  • Transfer to another department
  • Alteration of job responsibilities
  • Demotion or firing

If you are a student or employee of a college or university and find that you have been the victim of Title IX retaliation, the attorneys at Monaco Cooper Lamme & Carr will help you determine if you have a claim and fight for your rights. We are here to help. Give us a call.

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