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What is a deposition and what is required and expected of me?

When a lawsuit is filed, the plaintiff and defendant and often non-party witnesses, are required to appear for depositions as part of the discovery process.

Essentially, a deposition is a series of legally binding questions and answers.

The main purpose of a deposition is to gather information and versions of events. Your testimony will be preserved in writing by a stenographer.

A deposition is given under oath, and you, as the witness will swear to tell the truth to the best of your ability.

Depositions can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 7+ hours.

Your deposition testimony can be used at a later date either during Motion practice or at trial.

Depositions traditionally take place in an attorney’s conference room or a neutral site.

Before your deposition, your MCLC attorney will explain what to expect and will prepare you for your testimony. Your attorney is by your side throughout your deposition. You can consult with your attorney during the deposition, and your attorney will object to questions, when necessary.

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