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What are the alternatives to suing someone?

There are situations when going to court is your best option. Sometimes it’s your only option.

But other times, an alternative to suing is the best decision you can make.

There are several alternatives to suing.

  1. Settlement is a means for your attorney to attempt a resolution or payment on your behalf directly with the person or entity at fault, or their insurance company.  
  • Mediation is led by a Mediator who is an individual trained in negotiation. The mediator brings opposing parties together to have them resolve their own dispute. The Mediator does not decide. Mediation is not binding.
  • Arbitration is somewhat like Mediation but is much more adversarial. It is trial-like in nature and the Arbitrator issues a decision, which is binding on all parties.     

There are lesser used alternatives, such as summary jury trial, rent-a-judge, mini-trials, and variations and hybrids of all of these.

At MCLC, we know of and suggest the best alternative to litigation to our clients, or we will objectively advise that litigation is the best course of action for your particular case.  

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