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There are tons of law firms. What makes you different and why should I hire you?

Let’s start with the facts. Very few law firms, really very few businesses, can truly claim to be one-of-a-kind. Even so, we genuinely believe that we offer something very simple but often difficult to find in a law firm, and that is true “client focus”.

While there is no substitute for experience – and we have plenty of that with over 100 years of combined experience in some of Albany’s largest law firms – there is also no replacement for exceptional client service and that is what we bring.

The beauty of client focus is that we get to know you and what is most important to you, your family, and your business. That way, we solve your problems in the fastest, most cost-effective way.

Speaking of cost, our firm also realizes a significant cost savings by doing business in Guilderland and not in downtown Albany. We also save by not spending marketing dollars on those big TV, bus, and billboard ads you see constantly. We pass these savings onto our clients. We don’t need to charge exorbitant rates to cover unnecessary overhead for our firm. It’s a win-win for us because we get to live and work in this community, and our clients financially benefit from it.

We’d also like to mention effective and frequent communication with our clients. This is an area where so many law firms drop the ball. At MCLC, we keep the avenues of communication open. You will hear from us often.
It’s simple. We take the time to know you and care about you. We promise not to squander your time or your money because that is not who we are.

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