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I own several commercial properties and believe my tax assessment is incorrect. What can I do?

Every January after tax bills are issues, clients call us requesting help with their high tax bills.

Can we help?

We can.

There are real property tax laws that govern tax assessment challenges in New York State.

In short, it’s called the tax certiorari process.

The deadlines are very specific, the most import one being Grievance Day, which is usually near the end of May. 

You only have a few short weeks between when the local assessor publishes the tentative tax roll and Grievance Day, to file an administrative complaint claiming your assessment is excessive, unequal, or unlawful.

I cannot stress enough the importance of the administrative complaint.

If the administrative complaint is not filed before Grievance Day, you are precluded from challenging your assessment in Court.

The municipality’s board of assessment will then review and hear your administrative complaint, make a decision, and direct the assessor to make changes to your assessment if you win.

If you don’t win? You will have 30 days to file for a judicial review of your assessment in Supreme Court. If you miss this deadline, YOU ARE FOREVER BARRED from challenging your final tax assessment.

If you are successful, think about the money you will save year after year!

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