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I have been named the Executor of a Will. What are my responsibilities? Should I hire an attorney?

After a person dies, their assets and property are called an Estate.   

If a person dies with a Will, an Executor is named in the Will. 

The Executor is the person charged with overseeing the final wishes of the deceased.

As Executor, you will have four main responsibilities:

  1. To ensure that the estate is carried out in the exact manner stated in the Will.
  2. To determine the value of the estate through inventory and appraisal of all assets.
  3. To determine the expenses owed by the estate – bills, taxes, estate fees, creditors – and pay those expenses.
  4. To make a final distribution and transfer of the remaining assets of the estate according to the Will.

Should you hire an attorney? In many cases, yes.

As Executor, you will often need to probate a Will through Surrogate’s Court and the legal proceedings can be daunting, confusing, and demanding, especially during such a stressful time in your life.

Be sure to hire a lawyer who is experienced and is sensitive to your individual needs. 

If you would like to establish a Will, or need help administering a loved one’s estate, give us a call.

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