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I currently have a Will.  How often should I review it?

A good rule of thumb is to review your important legal documents every three years or so.

It is important to revisit your will, and even consider revising it if:

  • You marry or divorce
  • You welcome a baby to the family
  • Someone you named in your will passes away
  • Your children, grandchildren and other heirs reach adulthood
  • You are considering a change in your executor, a guardian, or trustee
  • You started or expanded a business
  • There have been significant changes in the tax laws
  • You are approaching 70.5 and will be taking distributions from your retirement plans
  • You move to a different state
  • You receive a chronic or terminal medical diagnosis

Remember – the last Will you sign is the Will that is legally enforceable before a court of law upon your death, so it’s smart to keep it in line with your current wishes.

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