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What is Legal Lean Sigma® and why is it important to me as a client?

Legal Lean Sigma® is a system which teaches process improvement and project management methodologies, such as Lean and Six Sigma, but is designed specifically for the legal profession.

Legal Lean Sigma® is designed to build and advance people skills and office processes that, in turn, result in high performing teams. Basically, these methods teach us how to do the right things and how to do them right the first time, every time.

Why is this system important to our clients? Well, it helps us:

  • Eliminate steps in repetitive processes
  • Simplify and streamline processes
  • Maximize our productivity
  • Increase our efficiency

The result? We provide you, our client, with effective, productive, and accurate legal services in a consistent, cost-effective manner.  

Our Firm Administrator practices Legal Lean Sigma® and Project Management and she trains our staff with those best practices. That means MCLC operates efficiently and consequently so do your cases.  

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